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We are in the business to provide you with unique interior wall decor solution at the best price point.

We offer chalk paint, metallic stencil paint, and 5 decorative paint effects that can create a high visual impact in any given interior space with a wide range of colour choice.

Pattern Romance Decorative Painting

Choose any of the 5 decorative painting styles to apply in your dream home. Each style exhibit a unique style filled with character and lively animate the mood of your home.

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Pattern Romance Stencil Art
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Choose from a large collection of patterns from Royal Stencil website combine the stencil metallic colours to paint your interior wall.

Royal Stencil Creme

Pattern Romance Artist Canvas

Enjoy the freedom to mix and match the stencil pattern layer on the base of decorative painting and come in 5 beautiful styles. The combination is limited by your imagination.


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