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Years of experience in interior design, inspired by many masters in the field of interior decor, I wish to offer my unique perspective and solution to turn every interior wall into a beautiful piece of art in your loving home. I’m currently working with wall stencil, decorative paint, and canvas painting. You are welcome to contact me for any custom artworks.

Cease Whole House Painting Services

Dear customer, as of the beginning of the year 2020, Pattern Romance will stop offering whole house painting services. For those who wish to engage our decorative painting services, we will still be doing it passionately for all our customers. After all, this is what we really passionate about the first time we came into the market.

From the beginning, Pattern Romance has always been a decorative painting company. Due to a lot of request by the house owners, we saw the potential of offering whole house painting as one way to gain traction into the market.

As each year progress, we realised that we are getting involved in the area of works which does not benefit us as a decorative painting company. More to the point we are seeing a delay in payment due to incompletion of renovation works by other contractors, and had set us back in the schedule to our next project.

By reducing our workload for whole-house painting as a trade-off, we wish to offer you our upcoming new products and services in the near future. Please do check back for progress in our website or leave us a line at our contact page. We will be sure to inform you when we are ready.

Interior Design DIY Plumbing Work Process

This is part of the Interior Design DIY series of Wet Work, more post on other areas of work will be coming soon. If you haven’t read my previous starting post of Interior Design DIY Hacking Work Process I suggest that you go through it. Before you begin, try to go through the HDB important information page.


Please note what I wrote here only apply to the Singapore renovation project. Another country may not be the same because of different property and contractor services.

Common list of works

  1. Hacking Work
  2. Wet Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Plumbing Work
  5. Ceiling Work
  6. Painting Work
  7. Carpentry Work
  8. Door & Window Work

Interior design DIY plumbing work may have nothing to do with the aesthetic of your home, but, it plays an important role in providing our daily basic needs.

Kitchen area

An important point to take note is the outlet piping that goes under the kitchen sink. Many times I had seen people come up with some creative ideas and have the sink installed far away from the default floor outlet designated in the original floor plan.

Interior Design DIY Plumbing Work Potential Choke

By doing so, you extend the length of the outlet piping that connects the sink to the default floor outlet which resulted in the sediment of waste accumulated in the pipe for a long period of time.

It is an easy fix if the choke of the outlet piping is exposed. If it is concealed under some Carpentry structure, you might need to dismantle it to gain access. So try to balance between ideas and functionality for a hustle free maintenance.


It’s a simple job when coming to Bathroom inlet piping. HDB cannot install concealed piping work, you are only left with exposed copper pipe installation.

Have your contractor mark out the route where the inlet piping will be installed before you approve. Check for areas where you might add a cabinet and ensure you have all item dimensions require to install ready.

To be precise, you can lay masking tape onto the wall to make the shape of the bathroom accessories to be installed. By doing so, your contractor can be more confident in laying down the piping works.

Important tips of interior design DIY plumbing work

The foundation of inlet piping is closely related to the hot and cold water. If you need hot water for shower, high chance you might need hot water for kitchen and washer. Make sure all these ideas are being considered before installation. A good storage heater with warranty is the key.

Decorative Painting Showroom

Decorative painting showroom

For a long time, we had been searching for a way to showcase our decorative painting works. It is always easy to take a picture of a painted wall and upload it. In truth, this kind of painting you have to be there to experience the result. That’s why our decorative painting showroom is designed to be close to you.

The barber shop

We finally realized that to have you go to any shop to look at just the decorative painting is awkward, and what better way than you go to the barber shop to have a haircut and sit there all that time while having your hair? Take a closer look and book us today.

631 Bedok Reservoir Road

Decorative Painting Velvet Silver Artisan Brown

Decorative painting of Velvet Silver

I introduced brown to this barber shop to match with its little vintage furniture and balance it with fresh pink on the opposite wall where you can see the reflection of the wall mirror on the wall.  With this painting product, we can create unique wall texture in every interior wall. You will soon see that how it catches the light and bounce off the wall is subtle and authentic.

No wallpaper cover can replace the velvet silver character that takes on its own form with no repetitive pattern.

For more information, click on the button below to go off-site.


Decorative Painting Velvet Silver Artisan Brown On Cabinet

Decorative Painting Linen Cameron's Court

The soft texture of Linen Cameron’s Court

For Dulux Linen Cameron’s Court is more prominent in bring texture to the wall with creative ways to project individual style. For this barber shop, I choose to apply the conservative style of vertical lines to the wall.  You can also explore to apply circular pattern and both horizontal and vertical line texture.

The end effect is like soft cloth texture blanket over the wall, creating an intimate close boundary in a space that is cosy and relaxing.

For more information, click on the link below to go off-site.


Cameron's Court Close

If you are looking to bring in unique character into your interior space and not sure what style or colour to apply, come to us. We do provide free onsite consultation and sample viewing. Interior design doesn’t have to be complicated in today’s busy work schedule.Booking

For a list of our services, you can click here. Detail

You can also learn more about decorative painting here. DetailCameron's Court Barber Shop


Interior Design DIY Electrical Work Process

This is part of the Interior Design DIY series of Wet Work, more post on other areas of work will be coming soon. If you haven’t read my previous starting post of Interior Design DIY Hacking Work Process I suggest that you go through it. Before you begin, try to go through HDB important information page.


Please note what I wrote here only apply to Singapore renovation project. Another country may not be the same because of different property and contractor services.

Common list of works

  1. Hacking Work
  2. Wet Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Plumbing Work
  5. Ceiling Work
  6. Painting Work
  7. Carpentry Work
  8. Door & Window Work

Assuming this is a resale HDB flat, here is how you can plan to complete the project.

Common list of electrical work to consider


  1. Refrigerator
  2. Oven
  3. Induction Cooker
  4. Cooker Hood
  5. Washing Machine


  1. Entertainment Corner
  2. Sofa Side
  3. Sideboard


  1. Bed Side
  2. Dresser
  3. Study Desk

Once you have all your requirements listed and start the daily routine simulation with your family members to find out any other power point location is required. This step is important to be organized.

Common mistake

The common mistake made here is where one family member decided on the power point location to find out later that other members have their specific needs which will be too late.

Some examples

Kitchen requirement

The Kitchen location since most power point is located at the cabinet side, the person who is using the Kitchen might need a side table adjacent to the other side of the wall for preparation area. It will be a good practice to have a power point install there if required to use some tools like the Food Processor.

Entertainment requirement

In this area, I must say it has grown from a simple power point for TV back in the days to a now, data-driven multimedia box. For an audio lover, the requirement is even more extensive. One would ask why pay so much attention to this area? The answer is simple. Cable. Ever been in such a situation where you find the noodling spaghetti cable to be unsightly? A properly planning in power point location is the way to manage the cables and proper configure your power consumption.

Bedroom requirement

Its all about the habit of getting into the bed or starting out on a new day journey to conquer the world. Decide where you want to iron your cloth. Some people like to do it by the window where they can enjoy the view and take in natural light or pull out the ironing board from the wardrobe to be tuck away without a trace after use. Do you read before sleep? Need charging station on both sides of the bedside table? Surely you need a dresser to get ready for that party. I would strongly recommend installing power point on both sides of the bed. I know most people practice using the ceiling light source in the bedroom, if you try out some of those beautiful table lamps, you are in for a treat.

Things to look out

You might want to set the height of the power point measurement from the floor up to your personal requirement. Many misunderstanding starts here where the standard truly is not a standard for everybody.

If you want to use designer dimmer or switch, do buy it before the Electrical Work start. Switch design is also part of interior design, an element that is either work with the rest of the house or fight against it. Find out what are the options you can get locally or order from overseas. Do take note of dimmer and LED lights. Buy them from the same shop and test it beforehand. It is a sensitive combination that does not always work with each other. Consult your electrician first before purchasing your desire light switch.

Do take note of dimmer and LED lights. Buy them from the same shop and test it beforehand. It is a sensitive combination that does not always work with each other.

Some of the popular choices here

  1. Legrand
  2. Schneider Electric
  3. Avant
  4. MK

Why pay more?

The common question about why buy switches that cost so much more than what the regular DIY shop has to offer, is that, in my personal view switches are like the desktop mouse you use, how they feel in your hand reflect how you feel interact with the computer. Good switches are gentle to the hears and soft to the touch. I’ll not go any further, I’m beginning to sound like a switch salesman. After visiting the showroom you will get the idea.

Interior Design lighting

The importance of a good light source design for interior use is what many people don’t understand or they think is not important. I had seen people spend more on furniture and renovation works around the whole house and they just casually choose some lighting to have it flood the space.

I afraid the subject of lighting is a lot to cover here, however, I’ll list out some lighting products for you to consider before you decide on how many power point you need on your ceiling.

Light fitting for your DIY electrical work

  1. Recessed light – Hidden flat look, commonly used in the workspace like Study or Kitchen, some designs allow you to fit in other kinds of light reflector to direct light source that generates ambience. To have control over there the light cast.
  2. Surface mount light – If you do not have a drop down false ceiling, Surface Mount is what you will install to have the light hidden away from direct eye contact.
  3. Track light – This kind of light fitting commonly used in casting light onto wall hang artwork. After laying down the track on the ceiling, it gives the user the freedom to adjust to any angle desired.
  4. Wall mount light – This can be commonly seen above the bedside table. It does have a kind of elegance look. Most of them do cast indirect light that reflects off the wall, creating a kind of cosy ambience.
  5. Pendant light – It is a kind of decor light, easily the sexiest light you can find and some designer lighting can burn a big hole in your bank account. Consider it to be one of the design element for your interior. Commonly use at Dining or Living-room area.

Common Mistakes

If you engage an electrician, to ensure you and the contractor fully understood your intent design, a Reflected Ceiling Floorplan is required before the discussion of work. That goes without saying a concept of ceiling design must established before electrical work start. By doing so, the electrician can understand where to install the power point.

The use of switches

At this stage, you must relate how you want to control the lights and electrical equipment in your house. For example, when you enter the Foyer, you want to turn on the light there or together with the whole Living Room lights, by the time you reach the sofa, you want to comfortably switch off the Foyer light right beside where you sit (2 ways switch).

Another commonly seen lighting control is the installation of floodlighting and ambience lighting coexist in the same place and can be turned on alternately.

Watch out workmanship

Ensure to inform the electrician to run tubes for the electrical wires above the ceiling. If they refuse, find another contractor who will do it. This is the part where a lot of electricians will shortcut the installation to save time. It is important to have a safe installation and not spiderweb the wires across each other.


Electrical Work can be complicated, but if you must do it yourself in planning, spend a little time to get it right in the first place can save you a lot of regrettable situation later on.

Interior Design DIY Wet Work Process

This is part of the Interior Design DIY series of Wet Work, more post on other areas of work will be coming soon. If you haven’t read my previous post of Hacking Work I suggest that you go through it. Before you begin, try to go through HDB important information page.


Please note what I wrote here only apply to Singapore renovation project. Another country may not be the same because of different property and contractor services.

Common list of works

  1. Hacking Work
  2. Wet Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Plumbing Work
  5. Ceiling Work
  6. Painting Work
  7. Carpentry Work
  8. Door & Window Work

The reward for interior design DIY

Many time when you let ID firm handle laying tiles in your interior, you are limited to a few companies where they are obliged to use them. If you are to do it yourself by engaging outside contractor, you are open to a lot of supplier in Singapore market. And if you are not going for the fancy tiles, you can also save big with plain tiles design with wet work contractor directly.

After hacking

This is the next stage will concern homeowner after hacking done to the house. You can start to schedule the wet work contactor after hacking. Their job is to come put a layer of cement and sand on to the damaged wall, not to perfection, but to even up the surface to receive new tiles later. This should take one day, naturally, the next day should start laying of tiles.

The details

Do go through the detail with the contractor. Where should be the shower curb? For shower screen, do note down the detail and design and relate the dimension to the contractor of where the glass will be sitting on the curb. They will create the niche for the glass to side in perfectly when it arrived. See if you need kitchen cabinet base for the cabinet design and base for washing machine and fridge.

In my personal opinion, you are better off not to erect base for the fridge and washing machine. You are free to change any size of fridge and easy cleaning of whats under it. With a base, you will have a hard time moving it up and down.

Things to check

The common problem with laying tiles after hacking is that some contractor uses less sand material on the back of the tiles which will result in the tiles to drop off the wall after a few years. These can be check by a gentle knock on the surface after lay will reveal hollow sound compare to other rock-solid backing tiles.

Uneven surface

This is where a lot of people feel like it’s not up to their standard when come to laying of tiles.  If you choose to lay homogeneous tiles, you can never find the perfect even surface. Instead, look for sharp edges of tiles protruding out of the floor that might hurt your foot when not careful. If you are using marble, after laying of the tiles, you will need to contact the marble polisher contractor to complete the work.

Conclusion on interior design DIY wet work

To round it off, wet work for HDB is easy, it’s not like condo’s wet work with a lot of concealing water pipe, outlet pipe and overflow pipe outlet, complete with storage water heater require to complete before the laying of tiles. Find a good contractor and you will be on the right path. If you don’t have contractor, when you go purchase the tiles, ask those tiles supplier for contacts.


Interior Design DIY Hacking Process

This is part of the Interior Design DIY series of Hacking Work, more post on other areas of work will be coming soon. Before you begin, try to go through HDB important information page.


Please note what I wrote here only apply to Singapore renovation project. Another country may not be the same because of different property and contractor services.

My experience

In my practice, I had come across many home owner’s who had tried to renovation their home without having to engage a designer or coordinator. The interior design DIY experience can be unpleasant if owners have no prior knowledge of coordination work, also to consider other reasons to DIY is where rupture of relationship between owner and designer due to price disagreement or distrust in workmanship forces some homeowners to move away from designer and search for contractors to fulfil their vision.

What goes wrong

In my experience, on a few occasion, I arrived at a circumstance where painting the house is either too early or late. I hope in writing this post can help some owner to make sound decisions when they are on this path. Renovation can be painless if you know how to manage.

The reward

Designing your own home can be very rewarding when you are confident in knowing how all the pieces fall into place like how you imagine it to be. However, if you are going through some complicated design concept, I would strongly recommend you consult an interior designer before you hit the road.

Common list of works

  1. Hacking Work
  2. Wet Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Plumbing Work
  5. Ceiling Work
  6. Painting Work
  7. Carpentry Work
  8. Door & Window Work

Assuming this is a resale HDB flat, here is how you can plan to complete the project.

1. Hacking Work

To begin, when you receive the key to the house, naturally you will like to remove things you don’t want from the previous owner. The common hacking wet areas like the Bathroom, Kitchen and Livingroom floor tiles. If it is an old house, check the condition of electrical wiring, if it is in a mess from the previous iteration of works; look for installation that was not installed with proper PVC tube or wiring casing, consider removing all of it through the hacking. The contractor often uses the shortcut to simplify the installation, any of iteration work most likely result in the messy wiring.

After a long time some cable might disintegrate. A good practice is to change it all before procee to the next step.


It is important that what you want is explicitly communicate across to the contractor. Example like the schematic drawing that illustrates the area of the wall you want to hack. Which is required by submission to HDB.


A side note to dismantle the things you don’t want in the house, try to label the things that you want with tape and marker. This is the area where communication often breaks down.

How long it takes

This kind of work will take 1 to 3 days to complete. Before commencement of work, you need a hacking permit. If you are hacking walls down, some drawings will be required for submission and approval takes a few days, I strongly suggest you engage a design firm to work on this area, it is rather complicated to carry out on your own.

Interior Design DIY Hacking Process conclusion

I must caution you that these I wrote with objective to help to grasp the concept of the process. Still if you fall out of this prilimilary assement, an indepth consultion is require before you begin on your own. You can contact me if you have questions.


Door And Digital Lock Recommendation

Laminate Doors And Digital Lock

For the new homeowner who does not want to go with the default door that arrived with the BTO house and, the neighbour who found the unit few feet away from their doorstep have that special looking new door and matching unique metal gate design might be wondering who is selling it? And what are the options available?

Useful Information

It’s not like every day you will receive a copy of today’s most hot selling products available for home improvement. And that is the reason I’m writing to inform you of this good deal which I’m not in anyway associated with them, however, when I come across such a nice company with good service and products to offer, I cannot just let it pass without having you inform.

Good Service Is Gold

How do I know they are good? One of my customers did engage them to install all the doors in their new purchase masonite. I must tell you, you have to be there to witness it. I’m not in the position to relate the cost to you. I think is better for you to inquire directly from them and it’s not like they are keeping it secret. Its written all over the site, very transparent for anybody just want to drop by and have a look.

Door and Digital Lock In A Package

Did I also mention the digital lock my customer bought for the main door? I was blown away by the price he told me. So if you are currently looking for door and digital lock in the market, no harm take a look at MyDigitalLock. If you are here for decorative painting services, please click here for the price guide.

Dulux Colour Motion Interior Design Paint

Creating the focus of the room

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Feature Wall Interior Wall Decor

Interior design from bare whitewash wall to the grandiose display of the Antelope procure by the ambitious hunter can tell all lot about the owner of the interior space. Some people might want to fill up the wall space with books or commonly seen are items collected from the past travel experiences forge a remarkable impression for the people who enter your dwelling. Besides hanging your favourite decor to the wall, I’m here to suggest to you there might be some new solution in the market that you have yet know about that can help you express your style better.

Pattern Romance | Making Of Colour Motion Effect Wall Painting

Why use Colour Motion?

Many people had asked me what is it if it is not a paint colour? Dulux Ambiance™ ColourMotion paint effect is the new product that has strike the note of creativity, at the same time inserting a fresh perspective in paint product for the interior designer. I have yet seen anything like this before, magically projected onto the wall and grow with you. It is so simple and yet has such a profound effect in the interior space.

You see, Colour Motion does not offer a wide range of colours for you to choose from, however, the brilliance of it is that it acts as a layer of coat on top of your favourite colour, by doing so, you have so many choices in colour when you go with Colour Motion.

What Colour Motion does is produces an irradiance reflective shine when direct light finds its way to the wall, and the area that is out of the light range will exhibit its underlay colour accompany the tint of Colour Motion light silver-greenish reflection on the surface.

You can book our service online here: Booking

The best place to apply

If ColourMotion is so sensitive to light, it makes sense to have it apply in the area where throughout the day there will be natural light source followed by night interior lighting. This, you may have already guessed to be at the window area.

Pattern Romance | Interior Wall Decorative Painting Light Source Suggestion

Above is a common floorplan HDB Four Rooms. Here you have a long wall before entering into the Living Room at around 14 Feet length.

There will be a few scenarios where the Sun will not directly impact the interior, still, this will work. As when light enters from the window, the wall will give that gradient effect.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Angle Lighting

Points to look out while painting Colour Motion

If you want to be very precise with the result, you might want to have a small scale version painted out before you head to the wall.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Canvas Sketch

Pattern Romance | Painting Motion

Import point to look out while painting Colour Motion, do not go back and touch up the paint after dry. The overlay of paint density will look like a patch up job. You will want it to look as natural as possible.

You cannot have a good effect if you dip your brush very dry. If you have too much paint on the brush, you can still paint it, but try to spread out evenly while going about the horizontal or vertical motion.

Occasionally you will drift away from the intent straight line, be sure to step back to check on your horizontal line, touch it up if needed before you begin on the second line.

Interior Lighting Setup

Pattern Romance | Ceiling Light Box

Surely when coming to interior lighting, a lot of people will naturally gravitate to the spotlight fitting or may be commonly used flood light. However, in this particular painting, I would like to suggest the more simplify fitting: T-5 tube or LED light strip.

It is because of its natural gradient effect, such lighting can amplify its potential. More to the point, many LED lighting now have dimmer. Be sure to buy the complete package from the same shop before leaving home. Some LED lights just don’t work with a particular dimmer.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Brush

Any question about Dulux ColourMotion interior decorative paint kindly email me


Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil Project

Introduce Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil For Interior Design

Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil

In many occasions, I was told by my client that they wanted mainly white for their interior spaces. To further comprehend such motivation, one will soon discover is the fear of using a darker tone that will result in claustrophobia effect lies in the mindset of many homeowners. Not like there is something wrong with using brighter tone, each has its strength and weakness. In this blog post, I intend to highlight the use of darker tone combine with Brighton Manor Damask wall Stencil pattern to paint the Living Room as a suggestion to  home owner how a little patterns on the wall can dramatically change their perception of space.

Paint Color

Pattern Romance | Mysterious 8151

For dark tone, you can easily settle for deep dark purple, the effect can be as good. For this project, I will use the metallic gold paint which I prefer to contrast it with one of the grey colour shade. If I settle for black I might just turn the whole Living Room into a modern cave, so I go for the like of graphite, Mysterious.

Royal Stencil Creme

Pattern Romance | Royal Stencil Creme Antique Gold Paint

I cannot say enough praise of this miracle paint when I first work with it. Coming from using the Chalk Paint, it is a lot easier to use and the thickness of the paint just blow you away from the result perspective. With this being said, this only applies to those who are inclined toward metallic effect. Do not be mislead by this little 80-ounce container, after I covered more than 80-square-feet of the wall and nearly only used 30 percent of the paint. It makes me want to keep going till I cover the whole house with it. To all people who had ventured to the realm of stencil-universe, you all must know that bleeding under the stencil is the number one hated enemy of a perfectionist. Some may just throw down the brushes and begin life anew with wallpaper. The affair with wallpaper didn’t end well with a lot of homeowners is because of Singapore humid weather. Above all this, we do turn on the air-con to fight the heat that is cooking our emotion since the wake of the most morning. There you have it, the perfect formula to disintegrate the binding power of the wallpaper from the wall.

The beauty of a stencil painting is its ability to scale itself to the required area, at the same time you can be creative in selecting your own colors to match your inspiration.

Why use a stencil for feature wall painting?

It is true that wallpaper can accomplish more complexity in its design, but that also comes with a fix minimum purchase price, which often cost more than stencil paint. Not to mention the threatening atmosphere. The beauty of a stencil painting is its ability to scale itself to the required area, at the same time you can be creative in selecting your own colours to match your inspiration.

Stencil Pattern

Pattern Romance | Damask Stencil View

The history of Damask design trace back to the Middle Ages which name originally derived from the city of Damascus. This hand woven fabric was also made popular along the trading path of Skill Road. Damask was also known to be made in China and later in the 14th century became popular in Europe, mainly used for expensive dressmaking for the upper-class market. Such a long history of Damascus surely will find its way to your Living Room painted with newly inspired colours. The early Damask was woven with metallic threads as supplemental brocading wefts. With this, it inspired me to use my Royal Stencil Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil with the Antique Gold Stencil Creme.

Working On Stencil

Pattern Romance | Damask Stencil Tools

While working on the stencil

I must warn you of some areas you might want to be careful. Take note on those thin divider of flower padding, when you are doing your circulation of your brush stroke, you might move it and slip unwanted paint under the pattern. Do not worry about the wet stencil creme paint, it will dry so fast that it hardly becomes a problem to you.

Using the painter’s tape, it is a good practice to test out how strong the adhesive is on your wall. Some lousy tape has weak adhesive but after you pull it off the wall, it leaves some very nasty bits of sticky glue on it, which makes cleaning it very unpleasant. Some like the 3M tape is very good, the adhesive is so strong, it almost last forever, it might be just too strong to even peel off your wall paint along with it.

If the tape is too strong, you might want to run it over on your cloth to get some of those cotton and dust on it before using it.


The Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil was joy to work with. I must say, initially when I received the stencil, there was a little doubt about how well it will turn out in this project. Once I completed the painting on the wall and I can better appreciate its intricate pattern binding the rest of it together. It never ceases to inspire me, looking forward to my next project.

Stencil Art Painting Service Available Here


Stencil Painting With Tiles Pattern

Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Locally in Singapore, you can get a few brands of chalk paint. Here I’m going to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in this project. I got mine from Flower Girl Singapore which they do online purchase too.

A good reason to use chalk paint is the thick body that will help you build up the colour of your stencil easily than the common lax paint that is commonly available in Singapore.

Color Used

Nippon Paint Founder Blue

I had found great pleasure to work with this blue which is not intense and yet have that dreamy look of a gentle soft touch. It might not be the kind of blue you will not want to fill up with all the walls in the room but, for a certain piece of wall that needed to be the focus can be used with great advantage to compliment the colour for the furniture.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Original

For the tile colour, I like to work with this warm white chalky feel to bring about the natural white tone of things.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Scandinavian

This slight washout pink colour is to bring about a little focus to the pattern on the wall. In this project, I didn’t try to mix too many colours on the patterns in fear of overwhelmingly use of colour. In the future, I might work on something with less contrast on the background and use more complimenting colour set to the patterns.

Painting tips

Painting The White Tiles With Roller

To paint the tiles, one needs to exercise caution toward the even spread of the white paint. By using brushes along might not give you the result you want. A roller, in this case, will be much preferred for a more even flat look.

Tiles Stencil Wall Painting - Pattern Romance

In this Talavera Tiles pattern, can be a little intimidating to paint for the first time. It is because of the intricate pattern edges, you will find small brushes to be of great help to you in the precision of laying down the paint. If the brush is not your favourite tool, you can always fall back to using the roller. The tricky part is how much pressure to apply before the paint begin to slip under the stencil.

Mapping The Patterns

Try to move about the first pattern of the six design included in the package of the stencil. You can slowly work your way to the sixth pattern in your own desire randomness. This is where the fun part starts to get hold of your imagination. After all, one reason to work in stencil rather than wallpaper is to have control over what you want to project on the wall.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all have a great time DIY your own home. If you are busy and wish to have somebody do the labour for you, you can always contact me to make an appointment with the form below. Cheers!