Dulux Colour Motion Interior Design Paint

Creating the focus of the room

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Feature Wall Interior Wall Decor

Interior design from bare whitewash wall to the grandiose display of the Antelope procure by the ambitious hunter can tell all lot about the owner of the interior space. Some people might want to fill up the wall space with books or commonly seen are items collected from the past travel experiences forge a remarkable impression for the people who enter your dwelling. Besides hanging your favourite decor to the wall, I’m here to suggest to you there might be some new solution in the market that you have yet know about that can help you express your style better.

Pattern Romance | Making Of Colour Motion Effect Wall Painting

Why use Colour Motion?

Many people had asked me what is it if it is not a paint colour? Dulux Ambiance™ ColourMotion paint effect is the new product that has strike the note of creativity, at the same time inserting a fresh perspective in paint product for the interior designer. I have yet seen anything like this before, magically projected onto the wall and grow with you. It is so simple and yet has such a profound effect in the interior space.

You see, Colour Motion does not offer a wide range of colours for you to choose from, however, the brilliance of it is that it acts as a layer of coat on top of your favourite colour, by doing so, you have so many choices in colour when you go with Colour Motion.

What Colour Motion does is produces an irradiance reflective shine when direct light finds its way to the wall, and the area that is out of the light range will exhibit its underlay colour accompany the tint of Colour Motion light silver-greenish reflection on the surface.

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The best place to apply

If ColourMotion is so sensitive to light, it makes sense to have it apply in the area where throughout the day there will be natural light source followed by night interior lighting. This, you may have already guessed to be at the window area.

Pattern Romance | Interior Wall Decorative Painting Light Source Suggestion

Above is a common floorplan HDB Four Rooms. Here you have a long wall before entering into the Living Room at around 14 Feet length.

There will be a few scenarios where the Sun will not directly impact the interior, still, this will work. As when light enters from the window, the wall will give that gradient effect.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Angle Lighting

Points to look out while painting Colour Motion

If you want to be very precise with the result, you might want to have a small scale version painted out before you head to the wall.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Canvas Sketch

Pattern Romance | Painting Motion

Import point to look out while painting Colour Motion, do not go back and touch up the paint after dry. The overlay of paint density will look like a patch up job. You will want it to look as natural as possible.

You cannot have a good effect if you dip your brush very dry. If you have too much paint on the brush, you can still paint it, but try to spread out evenly while going about the horizontal or vertical motion.

Occasionally you will drift away from the intent straight line, be sure to step back to check on your horizontal line, touch it up if needed before you begin on the second line.

Interior Lighting Setup

Pattern Romance | Ceiling Light Box

Surely when coming to interior lighting, a lot of people will naturally gravitate to the spotlight fitting or may be commonly used flood light. However, in this particular painting, I would like to suggest the more simplify fitting: T-5 tube or LED light strip.

It is because of its natural gradient effect, such lighting can amplify its potential. More to the point, many LED lighting now have dimmer. Be sure to buy the complete package from the same shop before leaving home. Some LED lights just don’t work with a particular dimmer.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Brush

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Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil Project

Introduce Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil For Interior Design

Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil

In many occasions, I was told by my client that they wanted mainly white for their interior spaces. To further comprehend such motivation, one will soon discover is the fear of using a darker tone that will result in claustrophobia effect lies in the mindset of many homeowners. Not like there is something wrong with using brighter tone, each has its strength and weakness. In this blog post, I intend to highlight the use of darker tone combine with Brighton Manor Damask wall Stencil pattern to paint the Living Room as a suggestion to  home owner how a little patterns on the wall can dramatically change their perception of space.

Paint Color

Pattern Romance | Mysterious 8151

For dark tone, you can easily settle for deep dark purple, the effect can be as good. For this project, I will use the metallic gold paint which I prefer to contrast it with one of the grey colour shade. If I settle for black I might just turn the whole Living Room into a modern cave, so I go for the like of graphite, Mysterious.

Royal Stencil Creme

Pattern Romance | Royal Stencil Creme Antique Gold Paint

I cannot say enough praise of this miracle paint when I first work with it. Coming from using the Chalk Paint, it is a lot easier to use and the thickness of the paint just blow you away from the result perspective. With this being said, this only applies to those who are inclined toward metallic effect. Do not be mislead by this little 80-ounce container, after I covered more than 80-square-feet of the wall and nearly only used 30 percent of the paint. It makes me want to keep going till I cover the whole house with it. To all people who had ventured to the realm of stencil-universe, you all must know that bleeding under the stencil is the number one hated enemy of a perfectionist. Some may just throw down the brushes and begin life anew with wallpaper. The affair with wallpaper didn’t end well with a lot of homeowners is because of Singapore humid weather. Above all this, we do turn on the air-con to fight the heat that is cooking our emotion since the wake of the most morning. There you have it, the perfect formula to disintegrate the binding power of the wallpaper from the wall.

The beauty of a stencil painting is its ability to scale itself to the required area, at the same time you can be creative in selecting your own colors to match your inspiration.

Why use a stencil for feature wall painting?

It is true that wallpaper can accomplish more complexity in its design, but that also comes with a fix minimum purchase price, which often cost more than stencil paint. Not to mention the threatening atmosphere. The beauty of a stencil painting is its ability to scale itself to the required area, at the same time you can be creative in selecting your own colours to match your inspiration.

Stencil Pattern

Pattern Romance | Damask Stencil View

The history of Damask design trace back to the Middle Ages which name originally derived from the city of Damascus. This hand woven fabric was also made popular along the trading path of Skill Road. Damask was also known to be made in China and later in the 14th century became popular in Europe, mainly used for expensive dressmaking for the upper-class market. Such a long history of Damascus surely will find its way to your Living Room painted with newly inspired colours. The early Damask was woven with metallic threads as supplemental brocading wefts. With this, it inspired me to use my Royal Stencil Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil with the Antique Gold Stencil Creme.

Working On Stencil

Pattern Romance | Damask Stencil Tools

While working on the stencil

I must warn you of some areas you might want to be careful. Take note on those thin divider of flower padding, when you are doing your circulation of your brush stroke, you might move it and slip unwanted paint under the pattern. Do not worry about the wet stencil creme paint, it will dry so fast that it hardly becomes a problem to you.

Using the painter’s tape, it is a good practice to test out how strong the adhesive is on your wall. Some lousy tape has weak adhesive but after you pull it off the wall, it leaves some very nasty bits of sticky glue on it, which makes cleaning it very unpleasant. Some like the 3M tape is very good, the adhesive is so strong, it almost last forever, it might be just too strong to even peel off your wall paint along with it.

If the tape is too strong, you might want to run it over on your cloth to get some of those cotton and dust on it before using it.


The Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil was joy to work with. I must say, initially when I received the stencil, there was a little doubt about how well it will turn out in this project. Once I completed the painting on the wall and I can better appreciate its intricate pattern binding the rest of it together. It never ceases to inspire me, looking forward to my next project.

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Stencil Painting With Tiles Pattern

Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Locally in Singapore, you can get a few brands of chalk paint. Here I’m going to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in this project. I got mine from Flower Girl Singapore which they do online purchase too.

A good reason to use chalk paint is the thick body that will help you build up the colour of your stencil easily than the common lax paint that is commonly available in Singapore.

Color Used

Nippon Paint Founder Blue

I had found great pleasure to work with this blue which is not intense and yet have that dreamy look of a gentle soft touch. It might not be the kind of blue you will not want to fill up with all the walls in the room but, for a certain piece of wall that needed to be the focus can be used with great advantage to compliment the colour for the furniture.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Original

For the tile colour, I like to work with this warm white chalky feel to bring about the natural white tone of things.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Scandinavian

This slight washout pink colour is to bring about a little focus to the pattern on the wall. In this project, I didn’t try to mix too many colours on the patterns in fear of overwhelmingly use of colour. In the future, I might work on something with less contrast on the background and use more complimenting colour set to the patterns.

Painting tips

Painting The White Tiles With Roller

To paint the tiles, one needs to exercise caution toward the even spread of the white paint. By using brushes along might not give you the result you want. A roller, in this case, will be much preferred for a more even flat look.

Tiles Stencil Wall Painting - Pattern Romance

In this Talavera Tiles pattern, can be a little intimidating to paint for the first time. It is because of the intricate pattern edges, you will find small brushes to be of great help to you in the precision of laying down the paint. If the brush is not your favourite tool, you can always fall back to using the roller. The tricky part is how much pressure to apply before the paint begin to slip under the stencil.

Mapping The Patterns

Try to move about the first pattern of the six design included in the package of the stencil. You can slowly work your way to the sixth pattern in your own desire randomness. This is where the fun part starts to get hold of your imagination. After all, one reason to work in stencil rather than wallpaper is to have control over what you want to project on the wall.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all have a great time DIY your own home. If you are busy and wish to have somebody do the labour for you, you can always contact me to make an appointment with the form below. Cheers!

Cherry Blossom – Acrylic Painting

Cherry Blossom

My love for this beautiful tree was sparked by my wife enthusiastic description of her profound experience in her country back in Korea, where she will visit the nearby home garden to admire the magnificent beauty of what nature has to offer.

Cherry Blossom – Acrylic Painting

Painting With Imagination

Cherry Blossom – Acrylic Painting

I personally have never been to the Cherry Blossom festival, though by the thought of it can already put me in my imaginative coma. I can be there in the garden bath in the light of that gentle pink blended with soft tranquillity white, so comforting to the eyes and soothing to the soul. Can this be the metaphor of heaven? The truth to how nature had possessed such colour palette that mesmerizes our senses long before any painter learns to use it, is the testament to the existent of a higher intelligent order.
Since I’m no such order, to begin with, I hereby paint it with my humble version of Cherry Blossom from my imagination before I arrive at the festival to witness it myself.

In The Process

Cherry Blossom – Acrylic Painting

In truth, I was not sure if I could produce something with acrylic paint of botanical nature. The only work I ever produced that resemblance a plant was a pencil sketch I did in the Botanical Garden. Confronted by the empty canvas, my heart spoke of a breaking all the rules and structure that precede itself, followed by a few unsuccessful versions.
The dread of me not able to paint it was all over my face. As each time I return to the canvas, I realize that my strokes had found its way to express my ideas entirely different from what I had preconceived. I suppose these ideas were styles of my own in the making.

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

Initial Thought

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

I had this idea of a black colour base painting that has strong bright colour contrast to describe my subject. I wasn’t sure what I was really looking for until the later part of the process begin to realise by playing with the grey and black in the background to find my subject.

The Definition

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

After I apply some amount of white to the base, it became clear to me how I wanted the shape of the wings to be. I’m very sure there are many versions of the butterfly wings but I’ll go with this version because of its what I envision.

Blending Colour

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

At one point I had to stop painting it till I return a few days later to try to complete it. Somehow blending of colour in this piece is difficult for me. I wasn’t very pleased with my result and I have to come back with a new perspective.

The Subject

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

How the butterfly arrives at the state of being a butterfly can be view like a man striving for his rightful place in the world under his chosen field of work. At the caterpillar stage of this beautiful species is so fragile, encompass with so many ill-fated events awaiting to happen around it and yet it somehow it can manage to find its way to be united with the wind, to cast its colourful reflection into our memories, to be born a butterfly.

Voices In The Waves 14″ x 18″ Canvas With Acrylic Paint

The Initial Concept

You can say that when I started painting each piece, I have no idea what it’s going to look like. Even if I do, I cannot really visualize how I will complete painting it. Right in the middle of the action, I’m surely going to be painting something else. Maybe it’s the texture of the paint or the colours on the canvas that somehow changes the direction for me. Not that I’m complaining but somehow I thought I suppose to be in charge in painting where now it is the opposite, and wave is the thought that ever leave my mind.

Sound In The Wave - 14" by 18" Canvas With Acrylic Paint - Zoom 4

Not till recently that I got back from my travel at Jeju Island in Korea, my love for the sea wave have been a constant haunting or shall I say my heart is longing for my return to this beautiful island. Standing at the shore looking out to that infinite black sea. It is a unique experience. I have a strange feeling that this affair of the sea will occupy my life.

Paint Recommendation

Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint

My first time trying out these good value acrylic paint from Artfriend. You can get at $9+ which is good compare to the smaller tube of Heavy Body paint series. Liquitex made these to be independent paint where one will not need to go figure how to mix their own perfect colours. Pre mix in good value pack!

Thoughts About The Wave

Sound In The Wave - 14" by 18" Canvas With Acrylic Paint - Zoom 2

It became clear to me that the sea wave has such impact in my work. In the name of the sea, like a voice calling out, that bold movement swelling to engulf each other. It is wild and at the same time elegant. It arises question like where it’s going or coming? We cannot say its lifeless, without goal. The power in the moment when storm is about to unleash in the name of mother nature, you can sense the end is almost near, merciless as it is, yet it gave so much to us to sustain our life. The abundant of life it supports and yet it destroys so many we built. The ironic of life like fire, it can serve yet can devour what is precious to us.

Sound In The Wave - 14" by 18" Canvas With Acrylic Paint - Zoom 3

In extension to the perspective of chaos, it is beauty to be painted over, what is beyond our familiar shore where beautiful creature’s existence challenges our ability to imagine and our faith in conventional wisdom. It is so new to us yet older than any of us. Looking out the window of my memories, something about its mystery that captivated me so much that inspired me to paint it like how I feel about it, almost like a mad man. Strange as it may sound, it is true. There was frustration mingle with happy creation to arrive at the final version of the painting. Almost exhausted but delighted to have complete it.

Maybe painting is also meant to explore our inner self, where in our waking hours have fail to decipher the message resonating deep within our heart. Painting can be a conduit connecting to the truth within us. As for the rest of the mystery, I leave it to you while I search for another message that is within.

The Violent Sea

Initial Thought

The Violent Sea wasn’t what I had in mind when I painted it. I was inspired mainly by abstract art, so I wanted to start with some primary colours with my knife tools before I get to the stage of blending it. Halfway through the painting while using the Deep Sea dark blue, it gave me the notion of a sea painting with violent waves.

The Violent Sea

I later added depth with the white and mix most of the paint with Liquitex Heavy Body gel to get that rich texture to represent the waves. This is the first time I’m using it with my acrylic paint and the result is worth every cent I paid.

The Violent Sea

My first impression of it was like butter in the cup. I scoop it from the container and place it on my colour palette and started mixing it. I had a lot of fun painting with the gel. The whole painting was made with only painting knifes. No brush was used.

The Violent Sea

Though I know how refine the brush can help to produce details, but I enjoy the complexity and challenges while using the knife. For now, I’ll just want to work with the knife tool first before I dive into the brushes. Seeing those raw started to blend with each other gives me enormous pleasure creating this piece.

Now I only wish I can turn back time to paint it on a bigger canvas. I would want to have this hand up my large wall to create the focus for the room. On my next project, I’m going to try something new with this gel. I have yet to find time for the next piece. Maybe this coming weekend will be a nice time to start painting on a larger canvas.

In general, I’m happy with everything that turns out to be beautiful. I look forward to the next painting. Thank you for reading. Cheers!

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Choosing Canvas

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

I usually get this format is because I can mix and match different tiles patterns with another style, or have it place in random position can produce electric style. If you only use uniform colour style, you can use as big a canvas. Choosing the right size is important. The proportion of the artwork must not exceed the room size. Here I’m using the 8″ by 24″ canvas from Art Friend. You can buy most of the material used in this project there.

Choosing The Color

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition


  • Creamy Acrylic Paint

    I do not want a white background, and the next option will be this wonderful cream to blend with the four colours.

  • Metallic Black

    I used this for the pattern to simplify the perception since on the frame we have to spatter of colours.

  • Metallic Yellow Gold

    I used this for the spatter on the frame to add the glowing effect in contrast with the Metallic Black. They blend very well together.

  • Red Gloss Transparent

    This is the first time I’m trying out this exciting new red from Martha Stewart. It has this transparent character that is almost like watercolour. Notice it comes with this fine tip on the cover of the bottle. You can get creative by using it to draw on the glass surface.

  • Opaque High Gloss Blue

    This is also new to the normal acrylic I use for my projects. This is different from the transparent red. This is high gloss, but opaque.

Creating The Base

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Scoop & Spat

Here we will create the base layer to give the the tiles texture and add volume to it. You can purchase this premix plaster material at any of the local paint shop. It may come in different packaging from mine, I’m sure its the same thing.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Make sure it’s not too dry, when come to the bottom of the container, the sediment will follow gravity to the bottom in a well pronounce character of dryness and stubbornness.

Adhesive & Grids

We will define the border of the tiles and separate the 3 kingdoms by using multi-purpose spray adhesive to temporary bind the grid to the canvas before we apply that creamy stuff onto it.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

This is the fun part where you can bring out the artist in you by experimenting with the style you find most satisfying.

The Base Coat

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

In this project I focus on the spatter frame and the tiles color. So I lay down only one colour to the tiles and onto the base the canvas. After a second layer of coated paint, you can proceed to the next step. I would recommend a big brush to speed things up. A hair dryer can be very handy to blow dry the paint before the second coat.

Spatter TimeTalavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Before you begin, when you bought the tiles stencil from Royal Stencil you will be give small pieces of plastic tiles, it will fit perfectly on each of the base you just created. Have them apply to small amount of spray adhesive before you begin to add color the frame.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Find a small container that can easily mix the paint with some water. We need to have it be more fluid than the original thick acrylic paint.

Once fully mix both, we will use the ink extractor to suck up the ink in one squeeze.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

For fine ink spatter, you might not want to have too much ink in the tube. Small amount of ink and lot of squeezing to get those very fine ink out to define the border of the tiles.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Maybe you can save those larger spatter on far corners or have them mix with each other. The choice is entirely up to you. You are the artist now.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Creating The Pattern

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

The same material we used for creating the tiles, we will use it again to create the emboss pattern using your choice of stencil.

You don’t need to create the pattern one at a time. If you place evenly the tiles across the canvas, it should gives you enough space to lay down all three stencil patterns, and apply the plaster gel at one go

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

You can do all three without waiting for it to dry if you pace the tiles evenly from the start.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

The edge of the tiles may not be perfect; you can always come back to have it touch up with the correct color. From here on, you might want to play your tune, take your time and enjoy the moment of peace and relaxation in painting it.


Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Gold is the reason I create this project

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

  • Wedding Cake

    I want an image of a white tiles background, Wedding Cake will give me that off-white feel to bounce bright and light.

  • Pink Carnation

    A frame of pink will give the eyes a soothing comfort and blend well with the while tiles.

  • Yellow Gold

    This colour this the reason why I wanted to start this project. The main focus is to have the metallic colour reflect off the surface of the pattern.

  • Copper

    To have gold alone is very dull. Without a darker colour to contrast with it, gold cannot truly shine. To complement it, what other colour is better than copper? That dark brownish tone is so very close to gold, earn its birthright to stand beside it.

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Just by putting them together, you can see how sexy these two colours blend together.

Since gold is the subject, I don’t want this piece to only look expensive, I want it to reflect a sense of soft perception and have that beautiful bright ambience of royalty, never tarnish by time.

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

A good foundation of the grid is important. You don’t want the tiles to be unevenly layout.

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

From the plaster gel container, scoop out a large amount of it to be mix with the Wedding Cake.

Here is where the fun|begin.

Add some content to your block grid item here. The block grid responds a little differently than traditional columns, allowing you to mix and match for cool effects.

Plaster master! Mix it well with the reasonable about of plaster gel before you hit the canvas to start creating the tiles. Be sure not to create the mixture more than one time and go back to the canvas again.


You might get an uneven colour result since mixing the plaster with the paint vary from batch to batch.

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

You can start from the edge to the centre or the opposite. I prefer to start from the middle, this way I can push some of the excess plaster from the middle to the edge. It’s tidier for me.

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

After the first tile is made, lift up the mask and go straight for the hairdryer. It’s a lot faster this way unless you decide to go for a jog and finish up the rest of the laundry.

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Start painting the pattern

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Nothing can be more exciting in the process of selecting the pattern. I choose to use the more bird-like design to go with gold. In reference to the common Golden Phoenix but I don’t have Phoenix, I suppose any bird alone suffices to make that connection?

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Layout the pattern to the canvas to get a feel of how the end result will look before sticking them up.

You can stick all the three patterns together without having to do them one at a time.
Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Lay the foundation colour|of the pattern

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

I use some of the gold colour to mix with the plaster for the foundation of the pattern. If you don’t want to use it, you can go for any yellow.

Stencil with plaster works like |magic

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Lift up the mask when the plaster gel is still wet. You can see how it slowly cut out all the excessive gel, leaving only those parts we want. Now you might guess right, we go for the hairdryer. It might take forever to dry if you let nature do its work.

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition

Repeat the same process like creating the tile foundation. Since we only dealing with one colour here, there is less complication in applies the plaster to the pattern.

Choosing The Frame

The right frame colour is important. It can work with your pattern or against it. Here I choose the Pink Carnation

Let the gold and copper colour works its magic

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition Here we have come to the end of the tutorial on how to complete this beautiful Mexican tiles with this gorgeous gold and copper colour.

Mexican Talavera Tiles Hand Painted – Yellow Gold and Copper Edition I’ll leave you to how you want to paint the colours on the patterns. You can be creative in how you want to apply it. Remember, when coming to handmade crafts, the freedom is yours.


Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Gathering Materials

Immediately after my hand painted acrylic Surf Frame was done, I want to jump straight into making another handcrafted project. Here I present you more detail steps from choosing the colour to completion. We will start with the usual 8″ by 8″ canvas from to whole large piece of 8″ by 24″ size. This can easily purchase off the shelf from Art Friend.

The Colour Palette

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Deep Sea

I like this colour because I do not want a deep black and I don’t want to end up with grey.

  • Jonquil

    This light refreshing yellow will sit very well on the background of Deep Sea blue.

  • Pink Carnation

    I had chosen a light sweet pink to compliment the bright yellow careful not to overpower the yellow.

  • Habanero

    Lastly, we come to this sexy red, this is just the kind of colour what will capture your attention when you step into the room. Perfect!


Mixing Colour & plastering

the my previous project, I use the Liquitex Stucco gel which is a little high on the price, so I switch to plaster powder which is responsible for the texture effect. All you need to do is to add a little acrylic paint on the ready plaster gel and get your hands dirty.

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Things To Lookout

  • 01

    Try a little bit of colour for the first time before you know how much colour needs to blend well. Don’t forget that you are also mixing white colour.

  • 02

    Do not mix a small quantity of paint with the plaster and come back to repeat the process, it is because it will result in slightly different colour tone.

  • 03

    While applying the plaster gel, do not go make a coffee and return to the work. Nasty dry up effect might not be what you want.

  • 04

    At this stage, you might want to decide on how strong the texture you want. Try to play around with the knife tool and you may find it very interesting.

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Plaster Master

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Slowly use the knife tool to create your master piece. If the thickness is not enough, feel free to add more plaster gel. Don’t worry you mess up the edge. All will look dandy when you lift up the mask.

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Try to get some light reflect off the surface to get a good idea how it will turn out to be. Flat light is difficult to work with. The trick is to create your unique style.

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame

You can start to paint the red frame at this point. Or you can paint it before you apply the plaster gel. I just don’t want to waste those overlap red paint under the Deep Sea blue. The choice is yours.

Set In The Pattern

In this picture I didn’t capture it under good lighting. While working in the afternoon, the Sun had managed cast its last power before Sunset. As you can see I had attached the two sides with painter’s tape to secure the mask, this alone will not be secure. Before going to the canvas, apply a thin layer of spray adhesive to the mask. Let it dry for a while before sticking it to the canvas. At this point you might be wondering is paint dry already. After applying the red coat, I used a hairdryer to make sure all areas are dry.

Beware! Do not immediately apply the mask after the spray adhesive is used. Let it dry.

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame Now that you have managed to stick all three mask patterns on the canvas, you can begin to spread the ready-mix colour with plaster gel onto the surface. The same principle applies while you are doing the base layer of the Deep Sea colour.


Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Textured Surface – Habanero Frame When enough paint has filled up the patterns, use a long knife to scrape off a large surface of the excess paint to be used in other areas. The long knife can be more even and uniform on the surface of the plaster gel. You don’t need to wait for the yellow to dry before you proceed with the Pink Carnation. All can be done together.

If you manage to arrive this far, you must have the same result you are seeing here. The next thing you might want to decide how to hang it on the wall. If you are putting it somewhere the sunny window, I recommend a layer of varnish protection will go a long way.

Till my next post, thank you for reading.