Carpentry Work

Interior Design DIY carpentry Work Process

Carpentry Work is part of the Interior Design DIY series, more post on other areas of work will be coming soon. If you haven’t read my previous starting post of Interior Design Painting Work Process I suggest that you go through it for some useful information.

Common list of works

  1. Hacking Work
  2. Wet Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Plumbing Work
  5. Ceiling Work
  6. Painting Work
  7. Carpentry Work
  8. Door & Window Work

What are the common carpentry fabrication?

Back in the days where we do not have companies like Ikea, Star Living, or HipVan carpentry fabrication was popular. Carpentry Work falls short in the area like bending and elaborate woodwork design. One can only conclude fabrication are only good for utility purposes. Commonly in Wardrobe and Kitchen Cabinet in a particularly square or rectangular shape.

Any beautiful piece of furniture you discover in a mall, dimension is the key to justify the purchase. If you cannot fit it, fabrication is always around the corner. To maximise the space from corner to corner, carpentry fabrication of Wardrobe and Kitchen Cabinet are essential.

Recent trend in Carpentry Work

Recent trend suggest, more house owner opts for ready-made furniture. Due to the rising cost of housing price, furniture cost has to offset to balance on the renovation budget. Wardrobe fabrication is expensive, in a sense that at the same price, you are able to get a ready-made piece with a more intricate design but not necessarily better quality. But, custom made furniture offer well organizes compartment to house your collection and a fully customizable exterior to compliment your interior style which offers at a premium price. This result in carpentry work most commonly found in the Kitchen in our modern home.

Kitchen Cabnet carpentry work design

For Kitchen to be functional, one needs to understand how the house owner cooks in any given space. Not only one must design it to be functional, but maintenance is also important. Allow the workflow to be productive is a plus point to the user. The kitchen requires a lot of attention which a lot of new house ower didn’t give much thought about it. After installed kitchen cabinets and purchase a few food preparation machines, only to realize they don’t have the space to store it. Below are some points you might find it useful before you start to engage a carpenter.

  1. Where do you store dry and wet food?
  2. How does one wash and prepare?
  3. What kind of food most commonly cook in the house?
  4. If you are using big plates, does the size of the sink allow for easy washing?
  5. How do you store your knives? On the Kitchen Top? Or in the drawer? If you use the drawer, you need a drawer organizer to help store it safely.
  6. What kind of pots and pans do you use?
  7. Do you want to use the wall for hanging some commonly use tools?
  8. Do you have enough power points?
  9. What kind of Hob do you use?
  10. If you are using induction panel or built-in oven, be sure to include the power points in the cabinet. (Best engage an electrician to do it before carpentry work.)

These are just a few points which come to mind while writing. There are a lot of details which deserve a post on itself alone. Even then, it is not enough to cover it all.

Who to trust?

The truth is that you cannot trust anybody with words alone. There are a few give away when come to engage a carpentry contractor.

Quotation first

First, invite a few of them to your house at a different time for a quotation. See how they arrive at the given appointment time. In my experience, most of them arrived late are a sign that they are not well organized. These are the people most likely do not deliver.

Important conversation

Watch the way how they talk. Are they in a rush? Or are they talking calmly and paying attention to your requirement. If they are in a rush or cut short in the conversation, is either they are not concern with your project or they have something more important to do than being there.

Details is everything

When you are discussing the details with the carpenter, be sure he is writing down all your requirements. If the carpenter is going to just stand around and listen only than most likely they will miss out some details. These are the details which you might forget about it with your preoccupied mind. On the day of the installation, you will get a big surprise.

The confirmation

How does it work? Carpenter is very concern about details, they knew too well how many ways can go wrong if you do not confirm to detail drawing with the dimension of all given compartment and the laminate colour codes you agreed upon. The drawing most commonly sends over in PDF format to be view and get a rough idea of how all that discussion will arrive at your house. A more professional approach is they will ask you to sign the hard copy. This tells you how serious they are in business. No disagreement, all black and white. Without the drawing to confirm, do not sign up with the carpenter! No matter how cheap or how much your friend recommended.

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