Interior Design DIY Electrical Work

Interior Design DIY Plumbing Work Process

This is part of the Interior Design DIY series of Wet Work, more post on other areas of work will be coming soon. If you haven’t read my previous starting post of Interior Design DIY Hacking Work Process I suggest that you go through it. Before you begin, try to go through the HDB important information page.


Please note what I wrote here only apply to the Singapore renovation project. Another country may not be the same because of different property and contractor services.

Common list of works

  1. Hacking Work
  2. Wet Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Plumbing Work
  5. Ceiling Work
  6. Painting Work
  7. Carpentry Work
  8. Door & Window Work

Interior design DIY plumbing work may have nothing to do with the aesthetic of your home, but, it plays an important role in providing our daily basic needs.

Kitchen area

An important point to take note is the outlet piping that goes under the kitchen sink. Many times I had seen people come up with some creative ideas and have the sink installed far away from the default floor outlet designated in the original floor plan.

Interior Design DIY Plumbing Work Potential Choke

By doing so, you extend the length of the outlet piping that connects the sink to the default floor outlet which resulted in the sediment of waste accumulated in the pipe for a long period of time.

It is an easy fix if the choke of the outlet piping is exposed. If it is concealed under some Carpentry structure, you might need to dismantle it to gain access. So try to balance between ideas and functionality for a hustle free maintenance.


It’s a simple job when coming to Bathroom inlet piping. HDB cannot install concealed piping work, you are only left with exposed copper pipe installation.

Have your contractor mark out the route where the inlet piping will be installed before you approve. Check for areas where you might add a cabinet and ensure you have all item dimensions require to install ready.

To be precise, you can lay masking tape onto the wall to make the shape of the bathroom accessories to be installed. By doing so, your contractor can be more confident in laying down the piping works.

Important tips of interior design DIY plumbing work

The foundation of inlet piping is closely related to the hot and cold water. If you need hot water for shower, high chance you might need hot water for kitchen and washer. Make sure all these ideas are being considered before installation. A good storage heater with warranty is the key.

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