Check out our latest decorative wall painting services in our updated price list cater to all house owner budget that adheres to your vision.

Pattern Romance Artist Canvas

$880 per wall

Feature wall area from 80sqft to 100sqft

  • Choose any of the 5 Dulux Ambiance effects for the wall
  • Wide range of Dulux Ambiance effect colours
  • Choose from hundreds of stencil pattern from Royal Stencil
  • Choose up to four colours of the stencil metallic paint to customize the feature wall

A combination of stencil patterns and special effect decorative painting products to attain an expressive adhered closely to your vision.


Decorative Stencil Wall Painting

Pattern Romance Stencil Art

$580 per wall

Feature wall area from 80sqft to 100sqft

  • Chose up to 4 colours for feature wall painting using either chalk paint or stencil creme metallic paint
  • Feature wall painting cover 80 Ft² areas with no additional cost
  • Entitle 1 stencil pattern to be used on feature wall painting

Decorative Special Effect Wall Painting

Pattern Romance Decorative Painting

$580 per wall

Feature wall area 80 – 100SQFT

  • No additional cost to make a smooth surface before applying
  • Add primer before apply
  • Ambiance All base coat before effect paint
  • No additional charge for the return trip if the wall require an additional day to dry up

Note: An additional area of 80 – 100SQFT surcharge of $380

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