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The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

Initial Thought

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

I had this idea of a black colour base painting that has strong bright colour contrast to describe my subject. I wasn’t sure what I was really looking for until the later part of the process begin to realise by playing with the grey and black in the background to find my subject.

The Definition

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

After I apply some amount of white to the base, it became clear to me how I wanted the shape of the wings to be. I’m very sure there are many versions of the butterfly wings but I’ll go with this version because of its what I envision.

Blending Colour

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

At one point I had to stop painting it till I return a few days later to try to complete it. Somehow blending of colour in this piece is difficult for me. I wasn’t very pleased with my result and I have to come back with a new perspective.

The Subject

The Butterfly – Acrylic Paint On Canvas

How the butterfly arrives at the state of being a butterfly can be view like a man striving for his rightful place in the world under his chosen field of work. At the caterpillar stage of this beautiful species is so fragile, encompass with so many ill-fated events awaiting to happen around it and yet it somehow it can manage to find its way to be united with the wind, to cast its colourful reflection into our memories, to be born a butterfly.

Voices In The Waves 14″ x 18″ Canvas With Acrylic Paint

The Initial Concept

You can say that when I started painting each piece, I have no idea what it’s going to look like. Even if I do, I cannot really visualize how I will complete painting it. Right in the middle of the action, I’m surely going to be painting something else. Maybe it’s the texture of the paint or the colours on the canvas that somehow changes the direction for me. Not that I’m complaining but somehow I thought I suppose to be in charge in painting where now it is the opposite, and wave is the thought that ever leave my mind.

Sound In The Wave - 14" by 18" Canvas With Acrylic Paint - Zoom 4

Not till recently that I got back from my travel at Jeju Island in Korea, my love for the sea wave have been a constant haunting or shall I say my heart is longing for my return to this beautiful island. Standing at the shore looking out to that infinite black sea. It is a unique experience. I have a strange feeling that this affair of the sea will occupy my life.

Paint Recommendation

Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint

My first time trying out these good value acrylic paint from Artfriend. You can get at $9+ which is good compare to the smaller tube of Heavy Body paint series. Liquitex made these to be independent paint where one will not need to go figure how to mix their own perfect colours. Pre mix in good value pack!

Thoughts About The Wave

Sound In The Wave - 14" by 18" Canvas With Acrylic Paint - Zoom 2

It became clear to me that the sea wave has such impact in my work. In the name of the sea, like a voice calling out, that bold movement swelling to engulf each other. It is wild and at the same time elegant. It arises question like where it’s going or coming? We cannot say its lifeless, without goal. The power in the moment when storm is about to unleash in the name of mother nature, you can sense the end is almost near, merciless as it is, yet it gave so much to us to sustain our life. The abundant of life it supports and yet it destroys so many we built. The ironic of life like fire, it can serve yet can devour what is precious to us.

Sound In The Wave - 14" by 18" Canvas With Acrylic Paint - Zoom 3

In extension to the perspective of chaos, it is beauty to be painted over, what is beyond our familiar shore where beautiful creature’s existence challenges our ability to imagine and our faith in conventional wisdom. It is so new to us yet older than any of us. Looking out the window of my memories, something about its mystery that captivated me so much that inspired me to paint it like how I feel about it, almost like a mad man. Strange as it may sound, it is true. There was frustration mingle with happy creation to arrive at the final version of the painting. Almost exhausted but delighted to have complete it.

Maybe painting is also meant to explore our inner self, where in our waking hours have fail to decipher the message resonating deep within our heart. Painting can be a conduit connecting to the truth within us. As for the rest of the mystery, I leave it to you while I search for another message that is within.

The Violent Sea

Initial Thought

The Violent Sea wasn’t what I had in mind when I painted it. I was inspired mainly by abstract art, so I wanted to start with some primary colours with my knife tools before I get to the stage of blending it. Halfway through the painting while using the Deep Sea dark blue, it gave me the notion of a sea painting with violent waves.

The Violent Sea

I later added depth with the white and mix most of the paint with Liquitex Heavy Body gel to get that rich texture to represent the waves. This is the first time I’m using it with my acrylic paint and the result is worth every cent I paid.

The Violent Sea

My first impression of it was like butter in the cup. I scoop it from the container and place it on my colour palette and started mixing it. I had a lot of fun painting with the gel. The whole painting was made with only painting knifes. No brush was used.

The Violent Sea

Though I know how refine the brush can help to produce details, but I enjoy the complexity and challenges while using the knife. For now, I’ll just want to work with the knife tool first before I dive into the brushes. Seeing those raw started to blend with each other gives me enormous pleasure creating this piece.

Now I only wish I can turn back time to paint it on a bigger canvas. I would want to have this hand up my large wall to create the focus for the room. On my next project, I’m going to try something new with this gel. I have yet to find time for the next piece. Maybe this coming weekend will be a nice time to start painting on a larger canvas.

In general, I’m happy with everything that turns out to be beautiful. I look forward to the next painting. Thank you for reading. Cheers!