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Cherry Blossom – Acrylic Painting

Cherry Blossom

My love for this beautiful tree was sparked by my wife enthusiastic description of her profound experience in her country back in Korea, where she will visit the nearby home garden to admire the magnificent beauty of what nature has to offer.

Cherry Blossom ā€“ Acrylic Painting

Painting With Imagination

Cherry Blossom ā€“ Acrylic Painting

I personally have never been to the Cherry Blossom festival, though by the thought of it can already put me in my imaginative coma. I can be there in the garden bath in the light of that gentle pink blended with soft tranquillity white, so comforting to the eyes and soothing to the soul. Can this be the metaphor of heaven? The truth to how nature had possessed such colour palette that mesmerizes our senses long before any painter learns to use it, is the testament to the existent of a higher intelligent order.
Since Iā€™m no such order, to begin with, I hereby paint it with my humble version of Cherry Blossom from my imagination before I arrive at the festival to witness it myself.

In The Process

Cherry Blossom ā€“ Acrylic Painting

In truth, I was not sure if I could produce something with acrylic paint of botanical nature. The only work I ever produced that resemblance a plant was a pencil sketch I did in the Botanical Garden. Confronted by the empty canvas, my heart spoke of a breaking all the rules and structure that precede itself, followed by a few unsuccessful versions.
The dread of me not able to paint it was all over my face. As each time I return to the canvas, I realize that my strokes had found its way to express my ideas entirely different from what I had preconceived. I suppose these ideas were styles of my own in the making.