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Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil Project

Introduce Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil For Interior Design

Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil

In many occasions, I was told by my client that they wanted mainly white for their interior spaces. To further comprehend such motivation, one will soon discover is the fear of using a darker tone that will result in claustrophobia effect lies in the mindset of many homeowners. Not like there is something wrong with using brighter tone, each has its strength and weakness. In this blog post, I intend to highlight the use of darker tone combine with Brighton Manor Damask wall Stencil pattern to paint the Living Room as a suggestion to  home owner how a little patterns on the wall can dramatically change their perception of space.

Paint Color

Pattern Romance | Mysterious 8151

For dark tone, you can easily settle for deep dark purple, the effect can be as good. For this project, I will use the metallic gold paint which I prefer to contrast it with one of the grey colour shade. If I settle for black I might just turn the whole Living Room into a modern cave, so I go for the like of graphite, Mysterious.

Royal Stencil Creme

Pattern Romance | Royal Stencil Creme Antique Gold Paint

I cannot say enough praise of this miracle paint when I first work with it. Coming from using the Chalk Paint, it is a lot easier to use and the thickness of the paint just blow you away from the result perspective. With this being said, this only applies to those who are inclined toward metallic effect. Do not be mislead by this little 80-ounce container, after I covered more than 80-square-feet of the wall and nearly only used 30 percent of the paint. It makes me want to keep going till I cover the whole house with it. To all people who had ventured to the realm of stencil-universe, you all must know that bleeding under the stencil is the number one hated enemy of a perfectionist. Some may just throw down the brushes and begin life anew with wallpaper. The affair with wallpaper didn’t end well with a lot of homeowners is because of Singapore humid weather. Above all this, we do turn on the air-con to fight the heat that is cooking our emotion since the wake of the most morning. There you have it, the perfect formula to disintegrate the binding power of the wallpaper from the wall.

The beauty of a stencil painting is its ability to scale itself to the required area, at the same time you can be creative in selecting your own colors to match your inspiration.

Why use a stencil for feature wall painting?

It is true that wallpaper can accomplish more complexity in its design, but that also comes with a fix minimum purchase price, which often cost more than stencil paint. Not to mention the threatening atmosphere. The beauty of a stencil painting is its ability to scale itself to the required area, at the same time you can be creative in selecting your own colours to match your inspiration.

Stencil Pattern

Pattern Romance | Damask Stencil View

The history of Damask design trace back to the Middle Ages which name originally derived from the city of Damascus. This hand woven fabric was also made popular along the trading path of Skill Road. Damask was also known to be made in China and later in the 14th century became popular in Europe, mainly used for expensive dressmaking for the upper-class market. Such a long history of Damascus surely will find its way to your Living Room painted with newly inspired colours. The early Damask was woven with metallic threads as supplemental brocading wefts. With this, it inspired me to use my Royal Stencil Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil with the Antique Gold Stencil Creme.

Working On Stencil

Pattern Romance | Damask Stencil Tools

While working on the stencil

I must warn you of some areas you might want to be careful. Take note on those thin divider of flower padding, when you are doing your circulation of your brush stroke, you might move it and slip unwanted paint under the pattern. Do not worry about the wet stencil creme paint, it will dry so fast that it hardly becomes a problem to you.

Using the painter’s tape, it is a good practice to test out how strong the adhesive is on your wall. Some lousy tape has weak adhesive but after you pull it off the wall, it leaves some very nasty bits of sticky glue on it, which makes cleaning it very unpleasant. Some like the 3M tape is very good, the adhesive is so strong, it almost last forever, it might be just too strong to even peel off your wall paint along with it.

If the tape is too strong, you might want to run it over on your cloth to get some of those cotton and dust on it before using it.


The Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil was joy to work with. I must say, initially when I received the stencil, there was a little doubt about how well it will turn out in this project. Once I completed the painting on the wall and I can better appreciate its intricate pattern binding the rest of it together. It never ceases to inspire me, looking forward to my next project.

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