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Interior Design DIY Electrical Work Process

This is part of the Interior Design DIY series of Wet Work, more post on other areas of work will be coming soon. If you haven’t read my previous starting post of Interior Design DIY Hacking Work Process I suggest that you go through it. Before you begin, try to go through HDB important information page.


Please note what I wrote here only apply to Singapore renovation project. Another country may not be the same because of different property and contractor services.

Common list of works

  1. Hacking Work
  2. Wet Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Plumbing Work
  5. Ceiling Work
  6. Painting Work
  7. Carpentry Work
  8. Door & Window Work

Assuming this is a resale HDB flat, here is how you can plan to complete the project.

Common list of electrical work to consider


  1. Refrigerator
  2. Oven
  3. Induction Cooker
  4. Cooker Hood
  5. Washing Machine


  1. Entertainment Corner
  2. Sofa Side
  3. Sideboard


  1. Bed Side
  2. Dresser
  3. Study Desk

Once you have all your requirements listed and start the daily routine simulation with your family members to find out any other power point location is required. This step is important to be organized.

Common mistake

The common mistake made here is where one family member decided on the power point location to find out later that other members have their specific needs which will be too late.

Some examples

Kitchen requirement

The Kitchen location since most power point is located at the cabinet side, the person who is using the Kitchen might need a side table adjacent to the other side of the wall for preparation area. It will be a good practice to have a power point install there if required to use some tools like the Food Processor.

Entertainment requirement

In this area, I must say it has grown from a simple power point for TV back in the days to a now, data-driven multimedia box. For an audio lover, the requirement is even more extensive. One would ask why pay so much attention to this area? The answer is simple. Cable. Ever been in such a situation where you find the noodling spaghetti cable to be unsightly? A properly planning in power point location is the way to manage the cables and proper configure your power consumption.

Bedroom requirement

Its all about the habit of getting into the bed or starting out on a new day journey to conquer the world. Decide where you want to iron your cloth. Some people like to do it by the window where they can enjoy the view and take in natural light or pull out the ironing board from the wardrobe to be tuck away without a trace after use. Do you read before sleep? Need charging station on both sides of the bedside table? Surely you need a dresser to get ready for that party. I would strongly recommend installing power point on both sides of the bed. I know most people practice using the ceiling light source in the bedroom, if you try out some of those beautiful table lamps, you are in for a treat.

Things to look out

You might want to set the height of the power point measurement from the floor up to your personal requirement. Many misunderstanding starts here where the standard truly is not a standard for everybody.

If you want to use designer dimmer or switch, do buy it before the Electrical Work start. Switch design is also part of interior design, an element that is either work with the rest of the house or fight against it. Find out what are the options you can get locally or order from overseas. Do take note of dimmer and LED lights. Buy them from the same shop and test it beforehand. It is a sensitive combination that does not always work with each other. Consult your electrician first before purchasing your desire light switch.

Do take note of dimmer and LED lights. Buy them from the same shop and test it beforehand. It is a sensitive combination that does not always work with each other.

Some of the popular choices here

  1. Legrand
  2. Schneider Electric
  3. Avant
  4. MK

Why pay more?

The common question about why buy switches that cost so much more than what the regular DIY shop has to offer, is that, in my personal view switches are like the desktop mouse you use, how they feel in your hand reflect how you feel interact with the computer. Good switches are gentle to the hears and soft to the touch. I’ll not go any further, I’m beginning to sound like a switch salesman. After visiting the showroom you will get the idea.

Interior Design lighting

The importance of a good light source design for interior use is what many people don’t understand or they think is not important. I had seen people spend more on furniture and renovation works around the whole house and they just casually choose some lighting to have it flood the space.

I afraid the subject of lighting is a lot to cover here, however, I’ll list out some lighting products for you to consider before you decide on how many power point you need on your ceiling.

Light fitting for your DIY electrical work

  1. Recessed light – Hidden flat look, commonly used in the workspace like Study or Kitchen, some designs allow you to fit in other kinds of light reflector to direct light source that generates ambience. To have control over there the light cast.
  2. Surface mount light – If you do not have a drop down false ceiling, Surface Mount is what you will install to have the light hidden away from direct eye contact.
  3. Track light – This kind of light fitting commonly used in casting light onto wall hang artwork. After laying down the track on the ceiling, it gives the user the freedom to adjust to any angle desired.
  4. Wall mount light – This can be commonly seen above the bedside table. It does have a kind of elegance look. Most of them do cast indirect light that reflects off the wall, creating a kind of cosy ambience.
  5. Pendant light – It is a kind of decor light, easily the sexiest light you can find and some designer lighting can burn a big hole in your bank account. Consider it to be one of the design element for your interior. Commonly use at Dining or Living-room area.

Common Mistakes

If you engage an electrician, to ensure you and the contractor fully understood your intent design, a Reflected Ceiling Floorplan is required before the discussion of work. That goes without saying a concept of ceiling design must established before electrical work start. By doing so, the electrician can understand where to install the power point.

The use of switches

At this stage, you must relate how you want to control the lights and electrical equipment in your house. For example, when you enter the Foyer, you want to turn on the light there or together with the whole Living Room lights, by the time you reach the sofa, you want to comfortably switch off the Foyer light right beside where you sit (2 ways switch).

Another commonly seen lighting control is the installation of floodlighting and ambience lighting coexist in the same place and can be turned on alternately.

Watch out workmanship

Ensure to inform the electrician to run tubes for the electrical wires above the ceiling. If they refuse, find another contractor who will do it. This is the part where a lot of electricians will shortcut the installation to save time. It is important to have a safe installation and not spiderweb the wires across each other.


Electrical Work can be complicated, but if you must do it yourself in planning, spend a little time to get it right in the first place can save you a lot of regrettable situation later on.