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Stencil Painting With Tiles Pattern

Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Locally in Singapore, you can get a few brands of chalk paint. Here I’m going to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in this project. I got mine from Flower Girl Singapore which they do online purchase too.

A good reason to use chalk paint is the thick body that will help you build up the colour of your stencil easily than the common lax paint that is commonly available in Singapore.

Color Used

Nippon Paint Founder Blue

I had found great pleasure to work with this blue which is not intense and yet have that dreamy look of a gentle soft touch. It might not be the kind of blue you will not want to fill up with all the walls in the room but, for a certain piece of wall that needed to be the focus can be used with great advantage to compliment the colour for the furniture.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Original

For the tile colour, I like to work with this warm white chalky feel to bring about the natural white tone of things.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Scandinavian

This slight washout pink colour is to bring about a little focus to the pattern on the wall. In this project, I didn’t try to mix too many colours on the patterns in fear of overwhelmingly use of colour. In the future, I might work on something with less contrast on the background and use more complimenting colour set to the patterns.

Painting tips

Painting The White Tiles With Roller

To paint the tiles, one needs to exercise caution toward the even spread of the white paint. By using brushes along might not give you the result you want. A roller, in this case, will be much preferred for a more even flat look.

Tiles Stencil Wall Painting - Pattern Romance

In this Talavera Tiles pattern, can be a little intimidating to paint for the first time. It is because of the intricate pattern edges, you will find small brushes to be of great help to you in the precision of laying down the paint. If the brush is not your favourite tool, you can always fall back to using the roller. The tricky part is how much pressure to apply before the paint begin to slip under the stencil.

Mapping The Patterns

Try to move about the first pattern of the six design included in the package of the stencil. You can slowly work your way to the sixth pattern in your own desire randomness. This is where the fun part starts to get hold of your imagination. After all, one reason to work in stencil rather than wallpaper is to have control over what you want to project on the wall.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all have a great time DIY your own home. If you are busy and wish to have somebody do the labour for you, you can always contact me to make an appointment with the form below. Cheers!