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Interior Design DIY Painting Work Process

Painting Work is part of the Interior Design DIY series, more post on other areas of work will be coming soon. If you haven’t read my previous starting post of Interior Design Ceiling Work Process I suggest that you go through it for some useful information.

Common list of works

  1. Hacking Work
  2. Wet Work
  3. Electrical Work
  4. Plumbing Work
  5. Ceiling Work
  6. Painting Work
  7. Carpentry Work
  8. Door & Window Work

The importance of Painting Work

Most people will not think much of it when they received the keys to their new house. As to all new house, mostly is painted in white, and that is fine if you want to settle with white for your interior. However, you might want to consider the fact that most of these housing projects are not painted with good paint. Take for example the ceiling paint might not have mould protection, if you are located near the reserve park in Singapore, most likely get the mould will get into the house.

The remedy to mould problem

You can either get an Anti-mould paint for the ceiling, or one of those easy wash and clean wall paint that will last you for a long time to come. These paint normally do not come cheap, imagine the builder would to include these paint, the cost will be enormous.

Fresh air from the first day of the Painting Work

A good point to consider while choosing paint for your house, don’t cut cost by going for cheaper paint that might be emitting harmful agent into the air. In today’s paint products, it is easy to find something that is environment friendy and health focus to your family. If you have the time, you can click the button below to learn more.


Good Painting Work that transform the interior

As you can see here, colour does bring life into the interior. Depending on your interaction in the given space, colour influence your mood. Every room in your house have different functionality, even by choosing the right colour for your house is big step to a beautiful home. Put some thoughts into the colours at your local store, you will soon be inspired by them.

Some thoughts of Painting Work

Below are some pins ideas which had inspired me over the years. And I do hope they do provide you with some fresh ideas for your interior design. In my experience, many of my clients had always inclined toward the safe zone colour like white. Most of them do not really know how to choose the colour to blend in with their furniture. What I’m trying to say is that colour, furniture, decor and the function of the space are not individual elements to be view separately, they are all supposed to be in one picture from the very first step of visualization. Find out all the details that are going into the interior space than commit to the wall colour. It is easy to change the wall colour but it is difficult to change that unique handmade walnut sideboard.