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Decorative Painting Showroom

Decorative painting showroom

For a long time, we had been searching for a way to showcase our decorative painting works. It is always easy to take a picture of a painted wall and upload it. In truth, this kind of painting you have to be there to experience the result. That’s why our decorative painting showroom is designed to be close to you.

The barber shop

We finally realized that to have you go to any shop to look at just the decorative painting is awkward, and what better way than you go to the barber shop to have a haircut and sit there all that time while having your hair? Take a closer look and book us today.

631 Bedok Reservoir Road

Decorative Painting Velvet Silver Artisan Brown

Decorative painting of Velvet Silver

I introduced brown to this barber shop to match with its little vintage furniture and balance it with fresh pink on the opposite wall where you can see the reflection of the wall mirror on the wall.  With this painting product, we can create unique wall texture in every interior wall. You will soon see that how it catches the light and bounce off the wall is subtle and authentic.

No wallpaper cover can replace the velvet silver character that takes on its own form with no repetitive pattern.

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Decorative Painting Velvet Silver Artisan Brown On Cabinet

Decorative Painting Linen Cameron's Court

The soft texture of Linen Cameron’s Court

For Dulux Linen Cameron’s Court is more prominent in bring texture to the wall with creative ways to project individual style. For this barber shop, I choose to apply the conservative style of vertical lines to the wall.  You can also explore to apply circular pattern and both horizontal and vertical line texture.

The end effect is like soft cloth texture blanket over the wall, creating an intimate close boundary in a space that is cosy and relaxing.

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Cameron's Court Close

If you are looking to bring in unique character into your interior space and not sure what style or colour to apply, come to us. We do provide free onsite consultation and sample viewing. Interior design doesn’t have to be complicated in today’s busy work schedule.Booking

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