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Dulux Colour Motion Interior Design Paint

Creating the focus of the room

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Feature Wall Interior Wall Decor

Interior design from bare whitewash wall to the grandiose display of the Antelope procure by the ambitious hunter can tell all lot about the owner of the interior space. Some people might want to fill up the wall space with books or commonly seen are items collected from the past travel experiences forge a remarkable impression for the people who enter your dwelling. Besides hanging your favourite decor to the wall, I’m here to suggest to you there might be some new solution in the market that you have yet know about that can help you express your style better.

Pattern Romance | Making Of Colour Motion Effect Wall Painting

Why use Colour Motion?

Many people had asked me what is it if it is not a paint colour? Dulux Ambiance™ ColourMotion paint effect is the new product that has strike the note of creativity, at the same time inserting a fresh perspective in paint product for the interior designer. I have yet seen anything like this before, magically projected onto the wall and grow with you. It is so simple and yet has such a profound effect in the interior space.

You see, Colour Motion does not offer a wide range of colours for you to choose from, however, the brilliance of it is that it acts as a layer of coat on top of your favourite colour, by doing so, you have so many choices in colour when you go with Colour Motion.

What Colour Motion does is produces an irradiance reflective shine when direct light finds its way to the wall, and the area that is out of the light range will exhibit its underlay colour accompany the tint of Colour Motion light silver-greenish reflection on the surface.

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The best place to apply

If ColourMotion is so sensitive to light, it makes sense to have it apply in the area where throughout the day there will be natural light source followed by night interior lighting. This, you may have already guessed to be at the window area.

Pattern Romance | Interior Wall Decorative Painting Light Source Suggestion

Above is a common floorplan HDB Four Rooms. Here you have a long wall before entering into the Living Room at around 14 Feet length.

There will be a few scenarios where the Sun will not directly impact the interior, still, this will work. As when light enters from the window, the wall will give that gradient effect.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Angle Lighting

Points to look out while painting Colour Motion

If you want to be very precise with the result, you might want to have a small scale version painted out before you head to the wall.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Canvas Sketch

Pattern Romance | Painting Motion

Import point to look out while painting Colour Motion, do not go back and touch up the paint after dry. The overlay of paint density will look like a patch up job. You will want it to look as natural as possible.

You cannot have a good effect if you dip your brush very dry. If you have too much paint on the brush, you can still paint it, but try to spread out evenly while going about the horizontal or vertical motion.

Occasionally you will drift away from the intent straight line, be sure to step back to check on your horizontal line, touch it up if needed before you begin on the second line.

Interior Lighting Setup

Pattern Romance | Ceiling Light Box

Surely when coming to interior lighting, a lot of people will naturally gravitate to the spotlight fitting or may be commonly used flood light. However, in this particular painting, I would like to suggest the more simplify fitting: T-5 tube or LED light strip.

It is because of its natural gradient effect, such lighting can amplify its potential. More to the point, many LED lighting now have dimmer. Be sure to buy the complete package from the same shop before leaving home. Some LED lights just don’t work with a particular dimmer.

Pattern Romance | Colour Motion Brush

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