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Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Stucco Textured Surface

The Beginning

Just so you know that painting on canvas has always been on my list of to-learn skill but, to do this canvas painting was entirely not what I imagine I would do at this point of time.

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Stucco Textured Surface

I must say after each pattern completed before my eyes, I can start to see why many people today embark on making the handcrafted object in the comfort of their home or pay to do it in the workshop. Either way, it’s a very rewarding process whereby one can easily be lost in time and arrived at the other end to have change one’s perspective.

YouTube is The New TV of Our Time

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Stucco Textured Surface

It was like every other day, one morning I fire up the YouTube video and found my eyes gravitate towards a thumbnail with this interesting looking blue tiles on a grey coffee table top. It’s a complete makeover of an old furniture. In that short duration, I realize something very creative about it. It was a hand-painted project using stencil patterns bought from Royal Stencil! Never had I thought of something like that can be done. After that short few minutes of video, somehow gave me a glimpse into what it can be used as an interior décor, I found myself watching all those videos that can be found and start to imagine.

Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Stucco Textured Surface

The Handcraft

The reason I used the Martha Stewart acrylic paint for this project was that I’m not a professional painter to be able to mix any kind of colour to express myself. Martha Stewart in my local store carries a wide range of colours, available in high gloss, pearl, satin, metal and glitter version. Just going through these options, you will realize the possibility is almost infinite for any hand-painted projects.

In this project, I use a tile like design pattern from Royal Stencil, Talavera Tiles. Eight by eight inches’ canvas was selected to make each individual tile pattern.

After a few tests and I realize by painting alone on this canvas flat surface cannot bring out the realism of the pattern and I later introduce the Liquitex Stucco gel texture to be applied on the surface first before painting. Since this is the first time I use the stucco gel, I later realize that it can be mix with the paint before applying on canvas. In my next project, I’ll be sure to try it out.

For the result of this project I’m very happy everything turns out to be as what I imagined. I’m now working on another piece and will post my result very soon. Thank you for reading.

Material Used

Color Used

Martha Stewart Crafts’ Acrylic Paint

Multi-surface Satin acrylic paint colour

  1. Deep Sea
  2. Habanero
  3. Carrot
  4. Surf
  5. Jonquil
  6. Pink Carnation
Hand Painted Canvas With Acrylic Paint On Stucco Texture Surface