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Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Choosing Canvas

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

I usually get this format is because I can mix and match different tiles patterns with another style, or have it place in random position can produce electric style. If you only use uniform colour style, you can use as big a canvas. Choosing the right size is important. The proportion of the artwork must not exceed the room size. Here I’m using the 8″ by 24″ canvas from Art Friend. You can buy most of the material used in this project there.

Choosing The Color

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition


  • Creamy Acrylic Paint

    I do not want a white background, and the next option will be this wonderful cream to blend with the four colours.

  • Metallic Black

    I used this for the pattern to simplify the perception since on the frame we have to spatter of colours.

  • Metallic Yellow Gold

    I used this for the spatter on the frame to add the glowing effect in contrast with the Metallic Black. They blend very well together.

  • Red Gloss Transparent

    This is the first time I’m trying out this exciting new red from Martha Stewart. It has this transparent character that is almost like watercolour. Notice it comes with this fine tip on the cover of the bottle. You can get creative by using it to draw on the glass surface.

  • Opaque High Gloss Blue

    This is also new to the normal acrylic I use for my projects. This is different from the transparent red. This is high gloss, but opaque.

Creating The Base

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Scoop & Spat

Here we will create the base layer to give the the tiles texture and add volume to it. You can purchase this premix plaster material at any of the local paint shop. It may come in different packaging from mine, I’m sure its the same thing.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Make sure it’s not too dry, when come to the bottom of the container, the sediment will follow gravity to the bottom in a well pronounce character of dryness and stubbornness.

Adhesive & Grids

We will define the border of the tiles and separate the 3 kingdoms by using multi-purpose spray adhesive to temporary bind the grid to the canvas before we apply that creamy stuff onto it.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

This is the fun part where you can bring out the artist in you by experimenting with the style you find most satisfying.

The Base Coat

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

In this project I focus on the spatter frame and the tiles color. So I lay down only one colour to the tiles and onto the base the canvas. After a second layer of coated paint, you can proceed to the next step. I would recommend a big brush to speed things up. A hair dryer can be very handy to blow dry the paint before the second coat.

Spatter TimeTalavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Before you begin, when you bought the tiles stencil from Royal Stencil you will be give small pieces of plastic tiles, it will fit perfectly on each of the base you just created. Have them apply to small amount of spray adhesive before you begin to add color the frame.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Find a small container that can easily mix the paint with some water. We need to have it be more fluid than the original thick acrylic paint.

Once fully mix both, we will use the ink extractor to suck up the ink in one squeeze.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

For fine ink spatter, you might not want to have too much ink in the tube. Small amount of ink and lot of squeezing to get those very fine ink out to define the border of the tiles.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Maybe you can save those larger spatter on far corners or have them mix with each other. The choice is entirely up to you. You are the artist now.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

Creating The Pattern

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

The same material we used for creating the tiles, we will use it again to create the emboss pattern using your choice of stencil.

You don’t need to create the pattern one at a time. If you place evenly the tiles across the canvas, it should gives you enough space to lay down all three stencil patterns, and apply the plaster gel at one go

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

You can do all three without waiting for it to dry if you pace the tiles evenly from the start.

Talavera Tiles Design Spat Edition

The edge of the tiles may not be perfect; you can always come back to have it touch up with the correct color. From here on, you might want to play your tune, take your time and enjoy the moment of peace and relaxation in painting it.